Henry F. Cook

“Cooke”, “Hen Cook”

Husband of Maria Cook


In these letters:

  1. Date Author Description
  2. 1863-03-08
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Lamentations of being separated from his wife and home, a visit to Mt. Vernon, and O’Brien’s Pillow.
  3. 1863-02-15
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Apologies for making Caroline “blue” in his prior letter, Austin’s trouble on the march, when their cow will calve, and other details.
  4. 1863-02-12
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • A letter primarily about the difficulty of shipping boxes to the soldiers and the contents of a box she sent.
  5. 1863-02-09
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • Caroline writes about her mother going to a party and receiving money from Cecil along with a letter that made her “quite blue”.
  6. 1863-02-08
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • In this interesting letter, Caroline writes an adorable account of Louise, a letter from Austin, the rising costs of fabric, and much more.
  7. 1863-01-18
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • Caroline writes to Cecil about her money situation, how she enjoys sending him things, complains how the government doesn’t care for their soldiers, and speaks about the local news.
  8. 1862-12-24
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • In this letter, written on Christmas Eve, Cecil is quite depressed with the current state of the war. He speaks about the ever present nature of sickness, how difficult the last march was, how they are suffering from a lack of food, building new cabins for winter, and getting arrested for leaving camp without a pass.
  9. 1862-12-21
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • In this letter, Cecil details what the men ate on the march and how they prepared the food. He then speaks of how the war has ravaged the country they marched through, and of sickness and death in his company.
  10. 1862-12-18
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • In this brief note, Cecil writes about marching to Fairfax Station, sickness in the company, and the possibility that Burnside was whipped at Fredericksburg.
  11. 1862-12-14
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • Caroline writes a lengthy letter about the impending battle of Fredericksburg, her headaches, the potential of her visiting the 20th Connecticut, and Louise.
  12. 1862-10-25
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • A brief letter from Cecil about waiting to march, a “blue” letter he received from Caroline. He also debunks several lies that had been passed home by his fellow soldiers.
  13. 1862-10-08
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Cecil writes to Caroline about business at home, directions for shipping a box, complains about the army grub, and speaks about how lovely a place Frederick was and how the Rebs treated the townsfolk very well.