The Team

Though many, many, people have invested time and effort in making this project succeed, some have really gone above and beyond the call of duty to preserve and transcribe these letters.

Patricia Bangs

Patricia is a direct descendent of Cecil and Caroline Burleigh, and has preserved these letters and graciously permitted us to post their transcriptions on this website. As a child, she spent some of her time growing up in the same neighborhood, and even the same house in which Cecil and Caroline lived.

Caleb Grove

Caleb teaching at a living history event.

Caleb is a Civil War reenactor and living historian with an intense focus on learning, and teaching, about the everyday lives of the soldiers during the Civil War. He is also related to Cecil, but not quite as directly as Patricia. A web designer by trade, he built this website and is the organizer of this project.

Nicole Grove

Nicole is a professional copyeditor who does much of the work on the letters written by Caroline. When she’s not correcting grammar mistakes, you will find her reading books about horse genetics and reenacting the Civil War with her brother.

Leanne Grove

Leanne is a ridiculously friendly gal with a knack for teaching and research. Wielding her mighty iPad, she does much of the research behind the biographies on the page dedicated to telling the stories of the original cast.

Various Libraries and Other Entities


If you want to help us transcribe, edit, or footnote the letters, get in touch with Caleb Grove at caleb@cecilsletters.com. We’re always looking for more volunteers! Read our contributing guide.

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