Elford Dickerman


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In these letters:

  1. Date Author Description
  2. 1863-03-25
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Things start to get lively in Virginia when pickets are attacked, and Capt. Dickerman is not feeling so well. Joe cracks a joke against Tucker, and Lieut. Dickerman is trying to get a discharge.
  3. 1863-03-18
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • As spring approaches, the camp begins to shake of the winter slumber and a nearby farmer is willing to bet his farm that the war will end in three months based off of a spring drying up.
  4. 1863-03-10
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Back in camp on a stormy day, Cecil writes about the changes in the Army, cooking pancakes, and asks what the news of the world is.
  5. 1863-03-04
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Cecil’s trip through Washington D.C. after his brief leave, during which he toured the capital building which he describes in detail.
  6. 1863-02-12
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • A letter primarily about the difficulty of shipping boxes to the soldiers and the contents of a box she sent.
  7. 1863-02-03
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • Caroline writes about her cold, the baby, how her funds were doing, paying debts, and a birthday party.
  8. 1863-01-24
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • Caroline writes a lot about Louise, reflects on her past life prior to marriage, tells Cecil how to care for his sore throat, asks about some business matters, and wishes for Cecil to come home soon.
  9. 1862-12-14
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • Caroline writes a lengthy letter about the impending battle of Fredericksburg, her headaches, the potential of her visiting the 20th Connecticut, and Louise.
  10. 1862-09-23
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Cecil writes to Caroline about whom to sell their horse to, and how well the boys take care of him.
  11. 1862-09-21
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • Letter from Caroline Burleigh to her husband discussing how much their daughter missed him, selling the family horse, and how much she longs for his letters.