Laura Dickerman

“Aunt Laura”

Laura was born to Elias and Esther Dickerman in July of 1811 in Hamden county, Connecticut. She married blacksmith Edward Dickerman, uncle of Caroline on the 27th of September 1829 when she was 18 years old. They had six children, of whom four lived to adulthood: Elford, Mark, Sumner, and Margaret. Mark would serve alongside Cecil in the 20th Connecticut during the Civil War.

Laura and Edward lived less then a half-mile from Cecil’s and Caroline’s house, they were not only relatives, but also neighbors.

Laura Dickerman passed from this earth on May 29th, 1897 at 86 years.


In these letters:

  1. Date Author Description
  2. 1863-03-22
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • After their house almost burns down, Cecil writes a distraught letter as he contemplates what could have been.
  3. 1862-11-02
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Cecil writes about a scare he experienced when some New York soldiers ended up in front of his line; the chance of moving more; possible impending battle; being on picket duty; and then advises Caroline on what to send in the next care box.
  4. 1862-10-28
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • In this lengthy letter from Cecil, he tells of his Regiment’s waiting for marching commands and comments rather charmingly on his Aunt Laura’s view of wine (“oh my how nice she is”). He then describes the poor weather, prominent sicknesses, and uninspiring army commotion they’d been pleasured with.