February 11th, 1863

Stafford C. House, Feb 11th, ’63

Dear Wife,

I got a letter from you yesterday written in two days, I had waited for it very anxiously for I was afraid I should hear you were sick as you were not well when I heard from you last. I am sorry Louise has a cold but I know she will be well taken care of.

It is so cold today I just answer your letter and not write much more we have had two or three days of pleasant weather but it is agoing to storm today if it gets warm enough.

You said I would be glad of as good a place as our barn to stay in, it is a better place place [sic] than I could ask for but I don’t suffer as much as you think for from cold.

Miss Dickerman’s1 party2 must have been a big thing, I think if I had been home and got an invitation I should have gone just to see how an angel would act associating with common people. I am glad for John’s sake she has come back to the earth for it must be more pleasant for him to have her where he can associate with her he thought every thing of her and it troubled him a good deal to have act so.

Some of the boys sent home letter with money in them by Morse of Chesire but did not know that he was going directly home. I suppose he would go to Falmoth with Bristol and Brooks or I should have sent a letter by him.

Ive had some money sent from home before he was paid and he sold a watch that is the way he came to send home so much money. His pay was only $20’60. I guess he has not got over ten with him.

I am sorry Adams & Co.3 have refused to bring us boxes, but I suppose there is no help for it. I wrote in my last of some things I should like and will now add a few items. I don’t care much for a havelock though they are convenient sometimes. I have plenty of pins, needle’s and thread yet I would like a little camphor. I don’t want a knit cap. Envelopes and paper I can use and finally I would like something to eat.

Tell H. G. Dickerman I will get wood with him next winter.

Now this is a very short letter but it will let you know that I am still in the land of the living, all the Mt. Carmel boys are well. Brainard has just come in from picket he is feeling pretty well.

I am as ever with much love your devoted husband,

C A Burleigh

  1. Mary Elizabeth Dickerman 

  2. Caroline mentioned this party in her letter of the 3rd

  3. A large delivery company of the time.