October 1st, 1862

Frederick Oct 1, 1862

Dear Wife,

I shall write to you as often as I have opportunity, whether you write to me or not (I have no doubt you write to me but I can’t get your letters).

I am now in Fredrick City, I came in from camp with Capt. Dickerman and Sergeant Bradley. We have been looking for something to eat but have been unsuccessful so far. I have dropped into a book store to send you this line.

We left Washington [the] night before last and were one day and one night in miserable cattle cars in coming here1 and have not had anything to eat except what we brought in our haversacks, and that has spoilt. I thought I would get a good breakfast this morning and pay for it but I can’t get it for love or money.

Civil War soldiers traveling by train

We passed through the most beautiful country for scenery you ever saw. I got on top of the cars and enjoyed the sights hugely. I wish you might take the same trip with [me] when the war is over, but I can’t write you anymore now. I don’t know where we go from here. You must direct [the letters] as I told you in my last [one].

All [are] well.

My love to you and all my friends. Kiss the baby for me.

C. A. Burleigh

  1. The 20th Connecticut left “Camp Chase” in Arlington Heights on the evening of the 29th of September and arrived in Frederick at 4:00 PM on the 30th.