Elizabeth Peck

“Libby Peck”

“Libby” Peck is a difficult person to track down, mostly because the constant references to her in the letters offer little-to-no context, and there were ladies by that name in the Hamden area of Connecticut none of whom present any overwhelming evidence of being the one we are looking for.

Regardless, here are a few of the possibilities:



In these letters:

  1. Date Author Description
  2. 1863-03-22
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • This letter is primarily about what is happening at home in Connecticut, but Cecil does mention the possibility of moving shortly and what role the 20th Connecticut might play.
  3. 1863-03-08
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Lamentations of being separated from his wife and home, a visit to Mt. Vernon, and O’Brien’s Pillow.
  4. 1863-02-04
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • Caroline writes about the cold weather, going visiting, the soldiers sending pay home, some other news, and complains about Adams & Co. Express not sending boxes to the 20th Conn.
  5. 1863-01-07
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Cecil writes to Caroline about the state of the war and how God will have vengeance on the Confederate leaders, speaks of the ill effects of camp life on the minds and morals of the soldiers, the possibility of moving again, and the ever colder weather.
  6. 1862-12-24
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • In this letter, written on Christmas Eve, Cecil is quite depressed with the current state of the war. He speaks about the ever present nature of sickness, how difficult the last march was, how they are suffering from a lack of food, building new cabins for winter, and getting arrested for leaving camp without a pass.
  7. 1862-10-22
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Cecil writes about receiving a box of edibles from home, McClellan’s inability to get into a fight, and building log huts. In a lengthy P.S. he addresses the rations and the weather.
  8. 1862-10-05
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Cecil writes about his camping situation, the lack of good food, and his dislike for playing cards.
  9. 1862-09-28
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Cecil writes about being frustrated by the tactical gridlock, how ugly the Potomac River and Virginia state are, and how he wishes that Caroline would write more often.
  10. 1862-09-21
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • Letter from Caroline Burleigh to her husband discussing how much their daughter missed him, selling the family horse, and how much she longs for his letters.