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March 1st, 1863

From Cecil Burleigh | Washington D.C.

Washington D. C. March 1st

Dear Wife,

We arrived here last night at five o’clock. We had a comfortable journey but the thoughts of our dear home and friends prevented it from being a pleasant one. I felt pretty blue but have tried to keep up good courage. I can’t but believe I am to see you again and that before many months.

The great battles that are now organizing it seem to me must terminate one way or the other. I have no time [to] write much for we are behind time so good day, give my love to all, and may God bless and protect you.

C. Burl

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February 15th, 1863

From Cecil Burleigh | Stafford Courthouse, Virginia

Stafford Court House, Feb 15th

Dear Wife,

I received a letter from you written the 9th saying you had received mine containing the 5 I sent you. I was sorry to learn that I had written any thing to make you feel blue I would much sooner cheer you up for I know the trials of your situation and they are neither light nor few. It has always been my desire to save you anxiety and in order to do so I have written much and often but I have sometimes been unfortunate in choosing my language (for I always write in a hurry).

When I said oft repeated obligations I should have said pleasant obligations (except in very cold

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February 12th, 1863

From Caroline Burleigh | Mount Carmel, Connecticut

Mt. Carmel, Thursday night, Feb. 12th

Dear, dear Husband,

I am only going to write you a “wee” letter tonight for I have written twice before this week, (by the way I wonder if you get all my letters, I never fail to write twice a week, so if you don’t get them in that proportion you don’t get all I write) I thought I would write a little tonight, because I have started your box today. I rather wanted to wait until I had another letter from you, was in hopes I would get one last night, but I had the box ready, and Alford would go to Mr. Hover today and get it off, so I sent it

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February 11th, 1863

From Cecil Burleigh | Stafford Courthouse, Virginia

Stafford C. House, Feb 11th, ’63

Dear Wife,

I got a letter from you yesterday written in two days, I had waited for it very anxiously for I was afraid I should hear you were sick as you were not well when I heard from you last. I am sorry Louise has a cold but I know she will be well taken care of.

It is so cold today I just answer your letter and not write much more we have had two or three days of pleasant weather but it is agoing to storm today if it gets warm enough.

You said I would be glad of as good a place as our barn to stay in, it is

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