February 4th, 1863

Stafford Court House, VA, Feb 4th

Dear Wife,

Again I take pencil to perform my oft repeated obligation of writing a few lines; I have written you so many and such long letters that it is a wonder to me what they are all about, I dare say one is but the repetition of another and I would advise you to burn all but one.

We have built a hut but it is not very tight and the weather is very cold but I have not suffered much, it is hard for those that go out on picket but I don’t go except when the whole Company goes and that is not often.

We sent out from the Co. about 10 men each day. I don’t think there is much danger in picketing at present, it is too cold for the Rebs to come out.

I received a letter from you Monday in ans. to one sent from this place. Now that communication is established I will make this letter interesting by putting in a government five and I will put another in my next that I think will be all I can spare you out of what I got if it is all we get for six months but should they pay us some more soon I will send it to you. I suppose you will get 24 dollars from the State the 1st of this month that with what I send you ought to put your finances in good shape for a while, but you must not be too saving, spend all that is necessary for you and never fear my asking you where it has got to.

In your last letter you spoke of being troubled with the headache and from what you said I should [think] you had entirely exhausted your strength in sweeping the meeting house, now this will never do, you must give up that business or take more time to do it in it is too much for you to do in one day. I am very anxious that you should take good care of your health (I try to of mine) for the sake of your child if not for myself. I can’t write you any more tonight it is too cold. Brain is well and is blowing1 about the war while I write. All the other boys are well, Joe says he will write when it is warm enough so he can.

Love to all, much love &c.


  1. “Blowing” was a period term that they used much like how we might say that someone is “blowing hot air” while they are speaking or complaining energetically.