Johanna O’Brien

“Mrs. O’Brien”, “Mrs. O’Bryan”

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In these letters:

  1. Date Author Description
  2. 1863-01-18
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • Caroline writes to Cecil about her money situation, how she enjoys sending him things, complains how the government doesn’t care for their soldiers, and speaks about the local news.
  3. 1863-01-11
    • Caroline Burleigh
    • In this long letter, Caroline complains about the Army having reviews on the sabbath, writes about their daughter, Christmas and New Years, a chicken-killing episode, and some matter of dispute between her and Cecil.
  4. 1862-10-12
    • Cecil Burleigh
    • Cecil writes about the chance of the 20th Connecticut going into battle in the near future, sleeping in the open, how much he loves receiving letters, then comments on some visiting that Caroline had done.