December 9th, 1862

Loudon Valley, Dec 9th 1862

Dear Wife,

I have nothing particular to write but we are under marching orders and expect to move tomorrow morning at sunrise and I don’t know when it will be convenient for me to write again. It is expected we are to come back here but I have no faith to think so, we had just got comfortably fixed for winter or should be in a few days. Some of the boys think it tough after they have worked hard to get a place to live in to have to leave but I think it is all for the best. I am better contented when doing something than laying idle in camp. It is supposed that we are to move down the Shenandoah Valley with Gen. Geary. It is possible we may have some fighting but I don’t think it probable. We are to be the reserve force so if there is fighting we shan’t have much of it to do. You must not worry about me for I am as much in the hands of God here as I should at home.

We have quite a number here sick, 3 dangerously so. The others are not but we have eight in the hospital and two more that will have to go in. None of them that you know but Burton Bradley and he is not considered very sick. He walks out in the middle of the day. Thos. Bailey is getting better, he has been up here today. He and Burton are the only ones from Hamden in the hospital. Brainard has a stiff neck but I guess he will go with us. Joel has got well. I forgot Root, we went to the hospital this morning, I think he is considerable sick. I have got well, I feel first rate. You will begin to think by and by that I grunted for nothing when at home but I find that the toughest men at home are the feeblest here.

I have not time to write much more now for I have a great deal to do before we leave. You must keep on writing the same as before ‘till you hear from me again. Perhaps I shall be in Richmond by that time. I hope if we can’t stay where we are we may where it is warmer for it is colder here than in Conn.

Yours with much love and many kisses. Don’t forget to kiss the baby for me. Give my love to all who will receive it.

C. A. Burleigh