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March 25th, 1863

From Cecil Burleigh | Stafford Courthouse, Virginia

Stafford Court House Va March 25th 1863

My one loved Wife,

I again give myself the pleasure of writing you a few lines although I have writen you two long letter this week. Times begin to get lively down here every night or two we are rousted out of good sound sleep and have to go out and strengthen the picket lines but we have never seen an enemy yet it is most allways a false alarm or else the rebels finding us prepared keep a safe distance. Last night some one came to my tent and told me to get out the company as soon as possible. I asked who he was he said Tucker (one of the Col’s

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March 22, 1863

From Cecil Burleigh | Stafford Courthouse, Virginia

My own Dear Wife,

You may be somewhat surprised at receiving another letter from me so soon but since I mailed my todays letter, I recieved yours writen the night after you were so nearly made homeless, and its contents had affected me so that I loose no time in writing you a few lines though I don’t know what posible good I can do.

The mere thought of what might have hapened had the fire started in the night has completely upset my philosophy and made my blood run cold. What a horable fate would mine have been to been robed, by a dreadfull death, of wife, child, and mother. May we thank the ever mercyfull God that you

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March 22nd, 1863

From Cecil Burleigh | Stafford Courthouse, Virginia

Stafford Course House, Va, March 22d 1863

Dear loved Wife,

I have finished my morning work and as usual on sundays I set myself to the agreeable task, of writing to you. I wonder what I should do if this privilege were denied me. I have passed many pleasant hours in writing you poor letters for I knew you would think they were good if they brought good tidings from me, but I have feared sometimes that I should be a little tedious for I know that I have not the wit to make a letter entertaining that you have, but as charity covers a multitude of sins, so your partially makes up for all deficiencies in that respect.


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March 18th, 1863

From Cecil Burleigh | Stafford Courthouse, Virginia

Stafford Court House, VA March 18, ’63

Dear Wife,

You must be contented with a very short letter this time for I have more than the usual amount of work to do today, we have got to get the company ready for a grand review today.

I received a long looked-for letter from you last night it came three days later than usual and I began to feel anxious about you, I did not know but baby was suffering from the effects of that fall, I am glad to hear that she is better. I hope your anxiety about her may be groundless it is natural for you to worry some about the future but I am glad to see

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