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However, you seem like a sporting person. So, here are three letters that might pique your interest like a flipperless seal to a polar bear.*‡

January 11th, 1863

She says ‘come Papa, come and see your daughter.’ She will smooth your picture caressingly with her hand and say ‘poor Papa, gone war, toot, bang’

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November 11th, 1862

The Colonel thought the Rebs were shelling the woods that we were in. He ran out of his tent, got onto his horse, and skedaddled like a good fellow. I never was so tickled in my life.

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September 17th, 1862

You don’t complain, but I know it is hard on you, and I don’t feel as if I was bearing my share of the trouble. You have my most heartfelt sympathies, but that is not food and lodging, is it!

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* Sorry, you can’t eat these letters. They don’t taste good.

We don’t support arctic acts of violence.

The poor bear is not vegan¤, so it’s okay for it to kill the seal if it eats it.

¤ Great new idea for a startup: An iPhone app that helps bears become vegans. No, think about it. It will come with a pricking tool, test strip, and test strip reader. If the bear has been eating meat, the app will send shame-notifications to the bear’s family members.