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However, you seem like a sporting person. So, here are three letters that might pique your interest like a flipperless seal to a polar bear.*‡

November 1st, 1863

I had command of the extreme outpost only half a mile from the rebel lines and at least 2 miles in advance of where our pickets were driven in the night before, so you can guess how much I slept after our hard days march.

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March 10th, 1863

I think we shall stay here at least two weeks longer, and then? Aye that is the question that we can’t answer, but we know the future is in the hands of an all-wise providence.

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October 19th, 1862

I expected to write you a good letter today, but Col. Ross has disappointed me by committing an outrage against the laws of God and humanity.

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* Sorry, you can’t eat these letters. They don’t taste good.

We don’t support arctic acts of violence.

The poor bear is not vegan¤, so it’s okay for it to kill the seal if it eats it.

¤ Great new idea for a startup: An iPhone app that helps bears become vegans. No, think about it. It will come with a pricking tool, test strip, and test strip reader. If the bear has been eating meat, the app will send shame-notifications to the bear’s family members.